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We offer a simple and fun way to design beautiful yearbooks, with pricing options, and included support that can't be beat. Only one page deadline, no late fees ever, and no need to lock into a final book count until you submit your pages.

Design your book using your favorite desktop publishing software or choose Pictavo (, our multi-user, browser-based yearbook creation system that provides comprehensive built-in project management and collaboration tools. Add to the mix beautiful printing that completes your vision, and you have a winning solution.

Pictavo will save you money and time through features that include automatic portrait flow, picture perfect photo adjustment tools, advanced text features, an amazing art library, and powerful page layout options. You'll also have access to Coffee Pond’s team of in-house yearbook advisors.

With Pictavo you can have mulitple users working together in real time, email PDFs of page designs to people outside the process, use the built-in chat feature to improve overall collarboration, and tag images so all users can search for them.

There's more…take advantage of our free online order system which provides additional optional fundraising features allowing you to focus on creating your book rather than collecting money from each family.

To sign up or learn more, please call us, or visit to get an online quote today.


  • no money due until your yearbooks are delivered
  • pay less for your yearbook
  • one deadline date - no late fees
  • first rate support from our yearbook advisor team
  • design your book using your favorite desktop publishing software or choose Pictavo
  • free online ordering lets you focus on design
  • early bird specials, sign up bonus, & new client incentive programs
  • hardcovers in 2 sizes with available embossing, debossing, foil, custom inserts, etc.
  • smyth or regular binding
  • personalized covers
  • custom endsheets
  • your choice of paper weights

what a drag it is trying to collect all those yearbook orders...
put our FREE online order system to work for you!

  • it's completely free - no setup or credit card transaction fees
  • includes a custom web page for your school
  • families order using a credit card or print the online form and mail along with payment directly to us
  • password protection - create your own unique password, bringing families directly to the order page
  • encourage early ordering with our tiered pricing system - raise your price over time
  • money generating ad feature gives local merchants a unique opportunity to get their message out
  • call up reports which display who ordered, sorted by name, date, homeroom, or grade
  • best of all, you focus on creating a great yearbook while we manage your orders